Cut Property Taxes

As mayor of New Braunfels, I never let taxes increase. Even when a bond was passed by voters, I fought to fund it without imposing a tax increase on voters. That’s the mindset I will bring to the Texas House.

Stand with Law Enforcement

I will fight against the radical “defund the police” movement and work to keep our neighborhoods and communities safe. I am proud to be supported by local law enforcement leaders and I look forward to working with them on behalf of public safety in the Texas House.

Fight Mask and Vaccine Mandates

I believe the state must ensure there are NO mandates regarding vaccines and masks. Our state has never engaged in a policy of mandating a vaccine, and your healthcare decisions should always be yours to make as an individual. Families have the right to make these decisions free of government dictates, and that should never change.

Support Small Businesses

As mayor during the lockdown, I made sure that local businesses could remain open. A small business is a family’s livelihood, and we must continue to support our small businesses as they recover from the effects of the pandemic.

End Radical Indoctrination in Schools

We must put an end to radical leftist ideologies, like critical race theory that divides kids based on their skin color. We must make sure wholesome American values are guiding our children’s school curriculums, not radical indoctrination.

Protect Innocent Life

As someone who became a father through the wonderful gift of adoption, I am forever grateful to my sons’ birth mother for choosing life. Our state has done a great job of passing the Heartbeat Bill and fighting for the rights of our smallest Texans, but with the radical abortion industry on the warpath and taking us to court, we must not give up the fight.

2nd Amendment

We must defend our 2nd amendment rights without exception. When I was mayor, I was the lone vote on our utility board to vote FOR open carry. I will always fight to protect our gun rights.

Secure The Border

I believe the border is the single greatest threat our state faces. We must finish President Trump’s wall and fully secure the border that the Biden administration has left completely open. They’re even releasing violent criminals onto our very streets. This is unacceptable. 

I will fight to secure the border, end the humanitarian crisis, and stop the flow of illegal drug smuggling, human trafficking, and cartel activity.